Consulting Service

Management Layer

Global / Group Management Control

  • Reform of Management Control System, Leading to Business Process Transformation
  • Reformulating Global Management Plan (Process, Structure, and IT)
  • Formulating Innovative Growth Strategy
  • New Business Development and Business Model Innovation

Management Foundation for Corporate Governance

  • Reinforcing corporate governance of global management
  • Support for introduction of IFRS and related operation/ system reform
  • Evaluation and support for audit and internal control
  • Management risk analysis and structuring security strategy

Process Layer

Sales Strategy Re-making / Reformulation of Sales Strategy

  • Re-examining effectiveness of sales cost, use of sales agency, price control
  • Business operation reform.(Head Office, Sales , Production)
  • Sales Innovation utilizing ICT solutions (Omni Channel, Big Data Analysis, CRM)
  • Strategy for Loyal Customer

Supply Chain Management

  • Global cost management
  • Lifecycle cost management (PLM)
  • Global target costing
  • Optimal planning of global production, sales and Inventory

Resource Layer

Human Resource Management

  • Global/group management of human resource strategy , formulation, reform and integration
  • Reform of human resource department & “Change Management“
  • Introduction of Human Resource Management System, and Outsourcing/Shared Service Planning

IT Management

  • IT owner’s consulting
  • PMO services
  • SSystem Development in the fields of Management Control, Cost Management